Traffic cam violators could be getting the boot

There are 26 red light and speeding enforcement cameras placed at 18 of Toledo TMs most dangerous intersections.

Simply we started this to help reduce accidents, said Don Kenney, Deputy Chief for the Toledo Police Department.

Kenney says the problem is, people aren TMt paying, and that TMs causing a problem with the city budget.

Former Toledo mayor Carty Finkbeiner planned on collecting $2.5 million in fines in 2009.

The actual number was $874, 308 and Kenney says only about 45% of those who get tickets in the mail pay those tickets.

It TMs different than getting busted by police for speeding.

Getting caught by a traffic camera is not a criminal, but a civil offense similar to getting a parking ticket and right now TPD doesn TMt have the authority to enforce the tickets by booting or impounding vehicles.

That TMs something the city is looking at changing soon with the passage of a proposed ordinance.

We want to be able to tow a vehicle for two or more unpaid fines after the date of the appeal has past, said Kenney.

Police officers met with the city council today to discuss that and other ways of collecting the money from drivers who ignore the ticket.

We have red lights for a reason, we have speed limits for a reason and if people violate them then they should pay the price, said Kenney.

Should the city ordinance pass, police say they will go on an all out blitz for the first few weeks to track down the worst offenders.

They have a goal to collect $1.2 million this year from people who get caught by traffic cameras.

I don TMt think they TMre criminals, I just think they TMre people who don TMt want to part with the money, but they know it TMs there, they know the speed limit, and they know to stop for a red light.