Train Fido for free in Toledo

Free dog training classes by the PET Bull Project start May 19.

Toledo's PET Bull Project will continue its free summer dog training sessions on Saturday, June 16.

Designed to teach owners beginning obedience and commands, session will last from 2-4 p.m. at Inez Park. Working in collaboration with Humane Ohio, these sessions can help owners learn the basics, the responsibilities and the fun of pet ownership.

Free training classes will be held monthly through October. Humane Ohio will also be on hand to give information about pet spaying and neutering, as well as all participants will receive a free leash or toy for their dogs.

The PET Bull Project started as a group of pet owners and trainers committed to prevent animal cruelty, including dog fighting, and now focuses on pit bulls, but also encourages responsible pet ownership of all breeds.

"PET Bull Project stands for Prevention, Education and Training," said Cindy Reinsel, founder and president of the organization. "We believe that the best way to change the attitudes toward pit bulls is through education of our youth. Many have been exposed to dog fighting and we use our classes and training to help them understand that animal cruelty is wrong and that there are many joys to responsible pet ownership."

PET Bull Project is not a rescue, but works in conjunction with many rescue groups.

For more information on Toledo's Pet Bull Project, go to or call 419-704-2216.