Transplant patients being scheduled at UTMC

The Living Organ Transplant Program at the University of Toledo Medical Center is officially back up and running after losing a kidney during a procedure back in August.

"We've now been re-affirmed by several outside organizations, and most recently UNOS, that the quality of our program is high. Our response to the incident has been excemplary," says UTMC Chancellor Jeffrey Gold.

The medical center voluntarily suspended their program after the botched procedure. And while they take full responibility for the mis-steps made by individuals, there has been some shifting in positions, including the surgical director involved with the procedure in question.

"There have been some other staffing changes in nursing. We've looked at some of the logistics of the way the program is conducted," says Gold.

With the programs' suspention, literally hundreds of staff members have been in limbo waiting for the program to re-start.

Gold goes through a list of those affected, "Social workers, coordinators, dietitions, pharmacists, floor nurses, ICU teams etc..."

He says they're all looking forward to getting back to their patients, who've been waiting for this very procedure.

"There are nearly a thousand patients who are on a waiting list for transplantation right now. And so we're in the process of reaching out to them and their families to get their surgeries scheduled and to get them on with their lives they've been actively waiting for," Gold says.

Their policies have now been extensively reviewed. And although some changes were made, they say their fundamental standards will remain in place. Chancellor Gold says he can all but guarantee an incident like what happened in August, will never happen again.

"Vanishingly close to zero," says Gold, referring to the percentage of a possible repeat of what happened.

He also says he's been in constant contact with the family involved in the incident, and they are appreciative of everything the Medical Center has done to resolve this issue, and are supportive of the program starting back up. The first surgery will most likely be after the new year.

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