Trash strike on the way to the curb

Toledo, OH - Republic Service employees went on strike Tuesday morning after Local 20 Teamsters decided to allow union members to put up a sympathy strike picket, and many drivers did not cross that picket.

But Wednesday morning, some crews were back to work, hauling off trash.

The strike however, was not part of the local contract, but rather a show of support for striking union members near Youngstown.

Republic Service representative Paul Rasmusson says that, in fact, negotiations with union members in Toledo are positive.

:We are negotiating with Local 20. Our contract is still valid through the end of May. Our contract negotiations are actually going very well," says Rasmusson.

Nevertheless, the delay of something that people rely on like clock-work, has left a strain on the routine pick-up.

And although many workers have not crossed the picket line to return to their jobs, reinforcements have been called in, and they are working to catch up.

"We've got a lot of substitute drivers from all across the country who've gotten here today. We're catching up on the City of Toledo's trash. We'll begin recycle collection tomorrow," Rasmusson explains.

He says the community has been very patient, but when it comes to trash, noone wants it to be sitting in their front yard.

Rasmusson admits, "When we provide our services properly, it's gone and your can goes away. When it's not there when you expect it, that's when it's really noticeable."

They expect to be caught up within the week, and for things to get back to normal.

Republic Services say no one will face any reprocussions due to the sympathy strike, and will be happy to get all their employees back to work.