Treats today, tricks tomorrow

Plenty of sunshine streams in today and for the first time in +10 days we will see afternoon highs exceed seasonal norms! Partly cloudy skies with the sunshine filtered by high clouds from time to time will dominate with highs climbing into the low and mid 60's this afternoon. Today would be a great day to batten down the hatches around your home/property as a stiff wind moves in overnight and will deliver gusts of over 40mph tomorrow.

Scattered showers roll through overnight with breezy, mild lows in the mid 50's. Halloween will be windy and warm with widespread and, at times heavy rains developing during the afternoon as highs climb into the upper 60's. The heaviest of the rain looks to be accompanied by winds gusting to over 40mph during the late afternoon, evening and early morning hours. Ponchos will go along with the costumes much better than umbrellas - which won't stand a fighting chance against the winds.

We'll dry things out Friday but it will be windy and cooler. Skies will become partly sunny by early to mid-afternoon. With winds gusting out of the west to 30mph we will see cooler highs in the mid-50's.

Cool air will continue to stream in through the weekend. Stray showers are possible Saturday with highs iin the lower 50's. Sunshine returns fittingly on Sunday with chilly highs in the upper 40's.

Have a great day - enjoy the sunshine and comfy temps!