Trial set for student charged with bringing loaded gun to school

A Raymer Elementary student was arrested after bringing a loaded gun to school on Friday.

The 15-year-old student charged with bringing a loaded hangun to Raymer Elementary on Friday will stay in the Lucas County juvenile detention center until his April 9 trial.

The county juvenile court prosecutor's office confirmed the trial was set during an arraignment hearing on Monday morning.

A Raymer spokesperson told WNWO that an assistant principal found the .380-caliber handgun inside a pocket in the student's jacket on Friday while checking for a missing coat. A school resource officer took the firearm and notified police.

Authorities said the student admitted to purchasing the .380 handgun from someone on the street. He faces felony charges of carrying a concealed weapon, underage purchase of a firearm, possession of a defaced weapon, conveyance of a deadly weapon on to a school zone, and a misdemeanor safe school violation.