Troubled Liquor Store loses state contract, possibly license.

Just a week after a store employee was indicted for his alleged role in the death of a Ottawa Hills teenager, Foxx liquors in south Toledo has received another blow, this week the division of liquor control has terminated their contract, which means no liquor can be sold.

WNWO obtained the letter delivered to Foxx from the department of commerce explaining its decision, in it the department said the store had quote "Violated articles 12, 29, and 36 of their agency contract and as such the department decided to "immediately terminate the stores retail and wholesale of spirituous liquor..."

The department also sent a letter to the liquor control board requesting Foxxâ??s license be revoked stopping sales of any alcoholic products. In that letter the agency cites â??on or about September 20, 2012, an agent or employee of AM Mart LLC, was convicted in the Toledo Municipal Court of selling or furnishing beer to an underage person; And then â??Again on February 1, 2013 an employee, again sold alcohol to an underage person in violation of Ohio revised code...

An incident which county prosecutors say lead to the death of 18 year old brain Hoeflinger, the Ottawa hills teen who died after crashing a car into a tree...

We tried to speak with the managers of Foxx liquors to get their reaction, but they declined.

However customers had plenty to say. We sat by and watched as one after one they walked in only to leave empty handed. One customer told us â??They ainâ??t got nothing on the shelves and they canâ??t tell me whyâ??.

Foxx can still sell beer or wine but that can come to an end as well if the Liquor Control Board pulls their license completely.