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      Trucker reacts to road conditions on U.S. 24

      Road conditions on U.S. Route 24 had some drivers waiting hours for a tow Wednesday.Emergency management officials in counties along the road received dozens of calls from concerned residents, law enforcement officials, and other agencies.

      Abdul Jamali was driving a semi-truck to Henry County when he got stuck on the side of U.S. 24. He waited for a tow truck for at least four hours.

      â??This is my first time stuck in the snow," Jamali said. â??Iâ??m driving for almost 12 years and Iâ??ve never had such a problem like this one.â??

      Henry Countyâ??s Emergency Management Director Tracy Busch is following the storm as it develops. Heâ??s concerned drivers will detour from U.S. 24 onto snowy, local roads.

      â??You know how difficult it is to stop,â?? Busch said. â??Or, once you start again, itâ??s very difficult to get traction because of the slush.â??

      It's been years Henry County moves to a Level Three Snow Emergency. Busch lost track of how many Level Three Snow Emergencies the county had this year.

      He said Northwest Ohio is experiencing one of the worst winters in the country this year.

      Busch says he'll an eye on the Maumee River this weekend. He says snowmelt and rainfall could cause a jump in the riverâ??s water levels.