Trying To Save Scott HS

Residents trying to save Toledo's Scott High School from the wrecking ball are told, they have to come up with $14 million dollars, and they have to come up with it now. Members of the school board and the comm u nity heard from the Ohio School Facilities Commission today. The state is willing to pay up to $25-million to renovate Scott. Problem is, because the school is so big, the renovations are estimated to cost about $39-million. The commission says, without $14-million dolLars in local money, renovating Scott just doesn't seem feasible. "It really doesn't.", says Planning manager Wayne Colman, "However, OCCS point is, if you got enough money, you can accomplish anything". Easier said than done, says Zahara Collins, who is fighting to save Scott. "You can't come to us and say, oh now we need 14-million dollars from you.", Collins says "Expect us to just be like, I can write a check for 17-million dollars."