TSA seizes stun gun disguised as cell phone

TSA agents reportedly confiscated this stun gun disguised as a cell phone. / Source: TSA via

Everything is not always as it seems.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents at Los Angeles International Airport figured that out in time to confiscate a stun gun disguised as a cell phone, the Washington Post reports.

Aside from the word "stun" instead of "send," the small pink item in the bag of the passenger headed Monday to Washington, D.C., looked very much like a phone, the report stated.

A TSA spokesman said in a statement that the woman could face a civil penalty for bringing the weapon to the checkpoint. She was allowed to board after giving up the pink stun gun.

"As you can see, along with the 1,100-plus guns that have been detected this year alone, TSA also detects a variety of weapons, some of which are deliberately crafted to look like harmless everyday items," TSA spokesman Kawika Riley said in an e-mail, according to The Hill.

Detailed information about the woman was not made public.

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