Turmoil in Egypt hits close to home for Northwest Ohio residents.

On a day promised as a â??Friday of angerâ?? supporters of deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi say theyâ??ll continue to demonstrate, while forces loyal to the country's army continue using deadly force. A tumultuous situation that has collateral damage is spilling all the way here in northwest Ohio, and that goes especially for Egyptian born residents like Mohammed Elnahal,he told us â??when I see the pictures of those who were killed, i pray to god that there will be no more deaths, no more killing, no more loss of lifeâ??

Elnahal is a member of the Toledo Muslim Community Center; he says his heart breaks for his native country and making matters worse his whole family is still in Egypt, including his mother and sister..

He says they assure him they're safe, but at times he has his doubts, adding â??thatâ??s what makes it hard for you when you are calling your family members and you're not really sure if they are doing okâ??

In his opinion there's only one way the turmoil can come to an end, relying on the principles of Islam he believes opening a dialogue between both sides is the key to peace telling us â??talk about it...any problem can be solved by talks, even the most difficult problem can be solved by talks, if youâ??re willingâ??

However Elnahal says that right now peace talks may not be an option, but for him, and many other Egyptians, thereâ??s always hope

â??I would love I would, dream and I would hope and I would aspire that this one unity will come back soon through the rational voices of both sides having the beautiful face of Egypt restoredâ??