Turnpike speed up, traffic down

The Ohio Turnpike says fewer cars used the toll road during the first month of its new, higher speed limit.

A spokeswoman says high gasoline prices have hurt passenger vehicle traffic.

The turnpike upped its top speed from 65 mph to 70 mph in April, partly to lure more traffic onto the highway and off smaller, parallel roadways.

The Vindicator of Youngstown reports figures released Tuesday by the Turnpike Commission show commercial truck traffic did increase by about 0.7 percent during the month, compared to April 2010. But passenger vehicles - which far outnumber trucks on the turnpike - fell 1 percent.

Turnpike spokeswoman Lauren Hakos tells the newspaper that traffic normally decreases when gas prices increase.

The Ohio Turnpike has five exits that serve the greater Toledo area, including gates at Toledo Express Airport, Reynolds Road, I-75, I-280, and Woodville Road.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)

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