Two deputies fired for sexual misconduct at Sandusky County Jail

Sandusky County Jail

Two Sandusky County Sheriff's deputies have been fired and another has resigned after being found guilty of gross misconduct in connection with their treatment of a mentally ill woman incarcerated in the Sandusky County Jail.

According to the hearing officer's report, deputies Charlie Pump and Frank Kaiser engaged in sexual misconduct when they improperly handled an inmate who had earlier threatened suicide and was moved to an administrative segregation cell where she was under constant observation by deputies.

According to witness statements and the statements of the deputies involved, On January 10, a female inmate at the Sandusky County Jail disrobed, urinated and defecated in her cell, and performed sex acts in the cell. According to witnesses, Deputy Pump and Deputy Joshua Smith encouraged her behavior, failed to clean up her cell and provide her with sanitary living conditions, and failed to provide her with proper attire.

Deputy Kaiser, who was the deputy in charge that evening, failed to take action when advised of Pump and Smith's behavior and instead, "played with his cell phone." He reportedly made lewd comments to a female deputy about a woman with whom he was corresponding on his cell phone. He also failed to log any unusual activity in the jail log for the day. He was fired for these infractions as well as failing to see that the inmate received a mental illness assessment and was properly restrained.

An administrative hearing was held before Sandusky County Job and Family Services Director, Cindy A. Bilby. Bilby concluded that Deputy Kaiser was guilty, not only of "wilfull neglect of his assigned duties." Bilby's report was provided to Sheriff Kyle Overmyer who fired the deputies Tuesday.

Deputy Kaiser was the only one of the three accused deputies to receive a hearing. Deputy Pump declined to appear for a hearing and Deputy Smith was a probationary employee and therefore not entitled to an administrative hearing.

Pump, Kaiser, and Smith have all been on paid leave from the department since January 11.