Two drowning deaths in one day

Two tragic deaths, both in a quarry, both on the same day. The first on happening here at Clearwater Quarry. The second death in lake monroe within hours of the first. jan fountain lives directly across from the quarry.

Jan Fountain says It is private property. We do know the owner and he does not want people swimming over there.

Fountain says "her street is filled with cars during the summer months... from people tresspassing on the property to swim... she says there's a good reason why the lake is off limits".

Fountain also says "It was an old quarry so there's lots of rocks and jagged edges and they've dumped lots of jagged edged rocks and stuff so it's very dangerous. It's not supervised. It's not safe for anyone to swim".

The clearwater quarry here in Perrysburg is open to the public but has clear signage stating "no lifeguard on duty"..."swim at your own risk".

And while there are life vests available to those who swim there... the 19 year old who drown last night was not wearing one.

Officials urge everyone to stay safe when out swimming during these hot summer months.

Mark Wasylyshyn from the Wood County sheriff says "You should always have at least one other person there swimming with you. Certainly if you are going to be in deep water you want to be a strong swimmer or else not be in the deep area... Alcohol and swimming do not mix".

Both cases are under investigation, but jan fountain says a tragedy like this at lake monroe was bound to happen.

Fountain says "everytime I see a group going over there I prayed for their safety and I've been afraid of this. We all talk about the "what if's" and we've all said it's just a matter of time before someone got hurt. It's just a horrible tragedy"