Two famous dogs go up for adoption in Toledo

Two dogs, that have made headlines at WNWO this month, are now available for adoption.

One, Mr. Jenkins, was turned over to the Lucas County Dog Warden after being found with a gaping wound on the back of his head.

Since being rescued, by the Lucas County Pit Crew, an online fundraising campaign collected enough money to pay for a skin graft to cover his injury and fund a minor surgery on one of his paws.

During the last week, Mr. Jenkins has been recovering in a foster home and has since had his stiches removed.

Now that he has been given a clean bill of health, Mr. Jenkins is ready to find his forever home.

Another pit bull, also in the care of the Lucas County Pit Crew, was rescued several months ago along the Gulf Coast during Hurricane Isaac.

Barry, who has blue/grey fur, was initially rescued by the Humane Society of the United States and then transferred to the Toledo Area Humane Society last week.

After a series of tests, it was determined that Barry should receive more training before going up for adoption.

The other dog made homeless by the hurricane and brought to the Toledo area, Viktor, was quickly adopted from the Toledo Area Humane Society

But, Barry was turned over to the Lucas County Pit Crew for more training.

Now, he is also ready to find his new home.

If you are interested in adoption either of these famous dogs, you can request an application from the Lucas County Pit Crew by emailing