Two former Toledo Mayors blast Mayor Bell for firings

Former Mayors of Toledo , Jack Ford (left) and Carty Finkbeiner (right) hold a press conference to oppose the recent firings of two city employees

Two of Toledo's former mayors have teamed up, once again, to speak-out against a decision by current Mayor Mike Bell.

In recent months, former Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and former Mayor Jack Ford took issue with Bell's decision to support Issue 2.

On Monday, the pair held a press conference to oppose the recent firings of the city's department of Neighborhoods Director Kattie Bond and Housing Commissioner Mike Badik.

"We know both of them. We worked with both of them and I've never known either one to have a dishonest bone in their body," said Ford.

Last week, Bond and Badik were both dismissed from their positions amid an investigation into allegations of bid rigging, contractor favoritism, and poor oversight.

Finkbeiner and Ford argue the pair were unfairly let go and are being blamed for the actions of others that work beneath them in the department and have not been fired yet.

"These two individuals are very very good people," Finkbeiner said of Badik and Bond who has known for 40 and 20 years respectively.

In response, current Toledo Mayor Mike Bell held his own press conference Monday and maintained his decision to fire Bond and Badik was nothing personal.

Were doing whatever is necessary to make sure [the Department of Neighborhoods] survives," Bell said.

Finkbeiner and Ford are not convinced and appear to be holding Bell responsible for the firings.

"It's time for Mike to be a man and start doing his job and taking responsibility for his watch," Finkbeiner said.

In response, Bell said "The manning up issue is when you actually are prepared to deal with the problem."

Bell added that the investigation into the allegations against the Department of Neighborhoods is ongoing and that there is the potential more people will be fired.