Two music celebrities to donate $20K to Tiffin mother, Public contributes thousands more

Officials have released new photos of Angel's children killed in Sunday's fire.

Two major music celebrities are sharing a piece of their wealth with a Tiffin mother who lost her 5 children, boyfriend, home and belongings in a

mobile home fire

on Sunday.

A PR representative for 'Game' confirmed to WNWO that the rapper is in the process of donating $10,000 to Anna Angel after hearing about her story through national media. The Tiffin woman was working an early morning shift at Burger King when her boyfriend and five children were killed in a fire at their mobile home.

"Game has asked his artist friend, Drake, to contribute $10,000 as well, which he said he would do," Greg Miller of Big Hassle Media, which represents Game, said.

While the transaction had not cleared as of Tuesday evening, local officials confirmed that they "have had conversations with both The Game and his publicist."

Local authorities added that the transaction details are currently being worked on by US Bank and Drake's

"Robin Hood Project"

, an effort started to raise money for charitable causes.

As of Tuesday, the US Bank's Anna Angel Donation Fund has collected $15,923 in contributions.

Officials warn that the US Bank account is the only account directly set up to help Anna Angel. They say she has no affiliation, or may not benefit, from any other account listed on any social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc.