Two sex trafficking arrest in one week leaves advocates satisfied


ews of another sex trafficking arrest in Northwest Ohio has people fighting the problem satisfied.


n Wednesday, a California man was taken into custody and charged with trafficking two women. On Friday, a Toledo woman was arrested and charged with trafficking a minor across state lines.





it was hidden and in the darkness, and it went unknown. Now we're catching up," explains Dr. Celia Williamson, an expert on human trafficking at the University of Toledo.


uthorities caught 35 year old Amber Ginter, who they say also goes by the name Amber Mendoza. She's accused of trafficking a minor from Ohio to Michigan in December 2009.


ost traffickers are usually men and Williamson says this arrest is unusual because most offenders are usually men and women involved in trafficking act as their assistants. However, Williamson adds more women, usually younger ones, are being used to recruit trafficking victims.


edar Creek Church in the Toledo area is taking up the fight to battle human trafficking by holding a special seminar at their churches which talks about the impact of forced prostitution, "I want to say it's the modern day cause of our time," explains Tom Martin, pastor at Cedar Creek Church.


artin says

three church pastors and a videographer went to the European country of Moldova to talk to trafficking victims and organizations there that work to rescue and help victims.

In the wake of two human trafficking arrest in one week, two seminars will be held in the Toledo area to educate the public on the problem.

Cedar Creek Church is holding an event August 24th and 25th. Young women from Moldova will travel to Toledo to share their experience of being forced into human trafficking. To learn more about the event you can visit Cedar Creek's website,

Also, Dr. Celia Williamson is holding the 10th annual Toledo Human Trafficking Conference September 26th and 27th. The two day event educates the public on what to look out for in regards to sex trafficking victims and offers resources to people who want to help. Organizers say the two day conference cost $75 and all proceeds go back to local organization in Northwest Ohio that help victims of human trafficking. To learn more about the event you can visit their Facebook page,