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      Two Toledo churches targeted by theives

      This week, two Toledo churches became targets of illegal scrappers.

      TOLEDO -- This week, two Toledo churches became targets of illegal scrappers.

      Pastor Donald Perryman, of the Center of Hope Church, says on Monday the churchâ??s three and a half-ton capacity air conditioner was stolen from off the side of the building. He says it's not the first time

      Perryman says each unit costs about $5,000, which means that the church is out nearly $20,000.Perryman believes the thefts are a reflection of hard times. Over the years, he says he's seen the neighborhood deteriorate and those that were once hardworking people have turned to a life of crime.Perryman says that perhaps more telling is that Center of Hope wasnâ??t the only church hit by scrappers this week. On Tuesday, Braden United Methodist church was also vandalized when thieves stole the copper gutters off the building.

      Pastor Perryman admits its frustrating having the church vandalized but heâ??s not angry with the thieves, he just wants to help them. "That's what we preach every day to the community and that's our mission, to restore hope.â??

      City officials have launched a new program offering up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest of illegal scrappers.

      For more information visit the Toledo Police Facebook page.