UAW scholarships send students powerful message

One local labor union is investing in the future by giving ten very deserving students $100,000 in scholarships.

Anthony Wayne High School senior, Marie Sarra, is one step closer to her dream of becoming a physical therapist thanks to a $10,000 scholarship from the UAW.

"I can't express how very grateful I am for it," says Sarra, recipient of the Richard Gosser Scholarship. "I knew I wanted to do something helping people. And I figure, I'm interested in science and stuff. I found it was such a perfect fit. I knew it was what I wanted to do."

"Marie is one of the best and brightest students we have at Anthony Wayne. She's been a tremendous scholar and a student leader, and a great role model for our students at our school," says Karen Bixler of Anthony Wayne High School.

That is why Sarra was chosen for the UAW's Annual Richard Gosser Scholarship Program out of more than two hundred applicants.

"Wasn't just sports or school related activities. It was what they were doing to help their community, to better the unfortunate," says Joe Balderas of the Richard Gosser Scholarship Selection Committee.

"We've helped at soup kitchens. We've done fund raisers for the church. We've helped babysit for parents there. Every year we take a week long trip. This summer we're going to Appalachia and fixing up homes and stuff. And we've been to Louisiana after the hurricanes," says Sarra.

All of the recipients are outstanding members of their communities. And at a time when college prices are soaring, they are being given a well-deserved "thank you" from the UAW.

This is the 47th year the UAW has offered the scholarships. So far, 230 students have benefitted.

Applicants must be the son or daughter of a local union member.