Underpass coming to railroad crossing on McCord Rd.

Officials at Springfield schools say they've been advocating for an overpass on McCord road since the 90's. The intersection where the Norfolk Southern tracks meet McCord create a danger for students who have to cross to get to class.

It was an added obstacle that proved fatal for 15-year-old Cody Brown and his friend, 16-year-old Bri Mullinger in December 2009.

It TMs been long awaited for people to put a ramp over there to get back and forth safely, says Thomas Carmony. Carmony uses his electric scooter to cross the tracks when he has to. He says it TMs safer than using his cane, still he calls the "stop and go" dance pedestrians play at this site, a mind game. Well the frustration is when you TMre trying to get over here to beat the train and the next thing you know you TMre coming down the street, traffic is stopped and the train comes and you TMre stuck for a while. On any given day, up to 80 trains fly by and there's no way around it for pedestrians. But all of that is about to change.

Public hearings were held and it was determined that an underpass would be the best structure for this, says Bryan Zienta, a bridge engineer with Lucas Co. Engineering. The underpass will stretch just under a half mile, or 2,000 feet. Construction is set to begin on the 35.2 million dollar project in 2014.

On Tuesday, the Transportation Review Advisory Council granted 13.2 million dollars for the project. Construction is expected to be completed in two to four years after it begins in 2014.