Union law opponents spending more on ads

We Are Ohio is the group against Senate Bill 5.

When it comes to television ads, opponents of Ohio's new collective bargaining law are outspending its supporters. A collective analysis of Ohio's eight largest newspapers reports that the union-backed opposition group We Are Ohio appears to be outspending business and Republican-supported Building a Better Ohio by a 5-2 ratio. The newspaper cites files kept by 17 television stations across the state.

Through Oct. 13, the opposition group paid out $1.92 million for television ads in five of Ohio's largest market. In that same time, the group backing the law spent $741,000. We Are Ohio spokeswoman Melissa Fazekas says, "We are spending a significant amount of money on the airwaves." However she added, "But we do think we'll be outspent by the end of the day."

Jason Mauk, spokesman for Building a Better Ohio, said, It is a policy that we do not discuss our ad strategy so I really can TMt comment on the extent of our statewide buy. Mauk did add, "Labor unions are willing to spend whatever it takes to protect their grip on our tax dollars."

The numbers do not include either the Akron or Toledo markets. The analysis only gives a partial read of the Columbus and Cleveland markets Voters will decide in November whether to keep or repeal the law.

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With less than a month until Ohioans vote, do you think that these ads are working? Are you getting tired of so many ads? Leave your commenst with us.