Union members steal Romney signs

As the end of the campaign draws near and the candidates make their final push, so too does the battle in Perrysburg.

None more so than the corner of Clover and Hickory.

"We always know that when we put our signs up, they'll put up the opposite," says Mary-catherine Caron.

One neighbor referred to these yards as the "dualing corners."

You can look on one corner, and it is covered with Obama and Democratic signs. And just 20 feet away, the other corner is lined with Romney and republican signs.

"We're friends, but everybody has their own opinion. We just don't agree when it comes to politics," says Mary-Catherine about her neighbors.

And while these neighbors haven't resorted to stealing signs just yet, four men reportedly associated with Sheet Metal Workers Local 33 have.

The men were charged with receiving stolen property. Also, according to police, the vehicle they used while taking these signs was registered to Local 33 out of Parma, Ohio.

Caron says, "I don't think they're thinking. Because the people who have their signs stolen only get mad, more determined. So, i don't think it's very smart on their part."

And though a sign may not change any minds at this stage in the race, most will be happy when it is over.

"I'll be glad it's over. I just hope it has the results i'm looking for," says Caron.