Union Worker Talks about DNC Speech

A local face took to the national spotlight at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Now Kenyetta Jones is back in Toledo, after stumping for President Obama.

For many people across the country her speech at the DNC convention in Charlotte is how America was introduced to Toledo's own Kenyetta Jones, "Oh, it was just exhilarating. It was the best place to be at the best time,"says Jones.

It was a time that put this local UAW worker in the national spotlight. If the convention was the best time, three years ago was the worst when Jones lost her job as an assembly worker at GM powertrain plant.

The layoff didn't just impact her, but also her community, "a lot of homes were foreclosed, a lot of businesses kind of stagnant,"explains Jones.

Jones says President Obama's auto bailout put hundreds of people including her back to work, "he really knows what type of work we do and how important we are to America and he respects us for that."

Now, Jones is committed to campaigning for the president in a way she never did before and now she sees family and friends inspired as well, "they want to get involved in their own state, in their city, not just in Toledo. And they're going to make a difference," says Jones.

The UAW Local 14 worker plans to continue her involvement with get out the vote campaigns informing people about the auto bailout and how it helped her.