Univ. of Toledo granted $85K to make life-saving devices

State Rep. Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) announced today that $85,000 in funding was released by the Controlling Board for the development of medical devices at the University of Toledo.

"Medical technology improvements are great investments because of the potential effect on citizens," said Rep. Fedor. "Giving the University of Toledo the opportunity to develop such devices will bolster the school's reputation as technologically advanced and competitive with other universities."

The University of Toledo was granted $50,000 to develop a novel device for mechanically removing a blood clot that has blocked an artery or vein, via a non-surgical procedure. The remaining $35,000 will be used to fund a project that develops a facet fixation screw used in spinal surgery to stabilize vertebrae made unstable by disk degeneration, injury, or other causes.