University of Toledo student-athlete accused of sexual assault

An unnamed student-athlete has been suspended after a female student accused him of sexual assault. (University of Toledo).

A University of Toledo student-athlete has been suspended from team activities after a female student accused him of sexual assault.

It allegedly happened in early March and was reported to police on Monday.

No charges have been filed but Toledo police are investigating the claim.

"First and foremost our thoughts are obviously with the alleged victim," said UT Athletic Director Mike O'Brien.

The school suspended the unnamed member of an unnamed team as the investigation begins.

"Our expectations for Rocket student-athletes is obviously to be representatives of our university and community."

Jamie Wlosowicz is the Campus Community Outreach Representative for the YWCA Hope Center, a rape crisis center located downtown Toledo.

She works with students from area college and universities in an effort to provide education and resources to victims and non-victims.

"They say things like, 'I really shouldn't have to worry about this -- it's scary because I should be able to go out and not think about this happening to me or my friend, or being so on-guard.' "

Wlosowicz, who is unable to comment about specific cases, said many college students show concern over the staggering numbers of sexual assaults nationwide.

She says about one in every four people will be victims of sexual assault, adding that about 80 percent of all sexually-based crimes are committed by a perpetrator who knows the victim.

"I think we're starting to open some eyes."

School officials say they are cooperating with investigators.

"We don't like having to deal with any incidents such as these allegations but we've dealt with them and we'll see what the end result is," O'Brien said.

From the YWCA Hope Center website:

If you are a survivor of sexual assault, a family member or a friend, free, confidential help is available by calling the YWCA HOPE Center Rape Crisis Hotline 24 hours, 7 days a week at (419) 241-7273 or toll free at (866) 557-7273.

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