Unofficial results for primary election


TOELDO, OH (WNWO) - After a long day of voting and an even longer preliminary race, the results are finally in. Out of the four mayoral hopefuls, only two could make the cut. And the voters chose the incumbent Democrat Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson and Democrat Wade Kapszukiewicz.

Hicks-Hudson secured 38% of the votes with 9,686. In a close second was Kapszukiewicz with 33% of the vote with 8,350.

Republican candidate Tom Waniewski was not far behind, but it was not enough to be on November's ballot. He obtained 26% of the vote with 6,659.

Both November nominees are pleased with the results and grateful to the voters.

Kapszukiewicz said, “they took a courageous step of rejecting the status quo, and I’m grateful that they did it. Because it shows they are ready for the change that this city needs.”

Hicks-Hudson said, “I want to thank the voters that voted for me. And those who didn’t, I want to persuade them that I’m still the best candidate.”

But they also know the journey is not over yet.

Kapszukiewicz stated, "the general election is now less than 8 weeks away, so it’s a very compressed timeline. And we’re going to be making our case to the voters immediately. We’re not going to let up or stop.”

Hicks-Hudons wants to “get the story about what’s going on good in the city and how we want to move forward with the things that are working. And to talk about what we want to do in the next four years.”

Hicks-Hudson is proud of where the city is at, and wants to build on what she considers successes.

“My record I think is strong with what we’ve done in two and a half years," she said. "In terms of job development, keeping the water safe, working in our neighborhoods to make them more viable.”

Kapszukiewicz is less than impressed with Hicks-Hudson’s performance, and wants to give voters an alternative to the current system.

“There’s a lot of work to do, but the voters have sent an encouraging word that they want change," he commented. "They want a break from the past. They want a break from the old status quo that isn’t working. And I’m going to be able to bring that change next year when I’m Mayor.”

Toledo also had candidates vying for 12 slots on the preliminary ballot for Toledo City Council. Cecelia M. Adams, Gary Johnson, Nick Komives, Rob Ludeman, Sam Melden, Tom Names, Alfonso R. Narvaez, Clyde F. Phillips Jr, Patricia Robinson, Harvey Savage Jr., Sandy Spang, Larry J. Sykes, and Kurt Young will be taking those. The only candidate not advancing on is Tom Names.

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