Update: 11-week-old baby killed in Sandusky

Denzel Castile

An 11-week-old Sandusky baby is dead after allegedly being stabbed by a family member.

Police responded to 507 Dewey Street in Sandusky, Thursday night, after a 911 dispatcher received a call asking for help, and was then cut off.

The dispatcher called back, and the woman who answers the phone tells him that everything is now ok, then in the background, screams can be heard from people inside the home.

911 calls: Listen to what family said to authorities before the baby's death

As police entered the home, authorities say they saw 19-year-old Denzel Castile grab 11-week-old Athena Castile and start running away from officers with the infant while stabbing her with a knife.

Family members were able to get the knife away from the suspect before he turned on police, who had to use a tazer and pepper spray to subdue him.

The baby was rushed to the hospital, but Athena died a short time later from the injuries.

Denzel Castile is the cousin of Athena's mother, and lives at the house on Dewey with his grandparents.

Police say they have been unable to speak with Castile as of Friday afternoon, in an effort to find a motive, because he has been combative since he was taken into custody.

Denzel Castile faces charges of aggravated murder. His arraignment is set for Monday.