U.S. Marshals arrest Raul Moya

On Wednesday afternoon the second Toledo man wanted in connection with the shooting death of a Perrysburg woman on Sunday was arrested. Detective Sgt. James Gross of the Perrysburg Township police department explained the details surrounding Moya's capture in Toledo. "This afternoon US Marshals went by the mother's residence and located the suspect and arrested him on the outstanding warrant," Detective Sgt. Gross said.

Raul Moya was arrested on a charge of obstructing justice. Witnesses told police that Raul Moya was with his brother inside a house in Perrysburg on Sunday morning when 21-year-old Leandra Frankum was fatally shot. Police allege that Raul's older brother Jose fired the fatal shot. Jose Moya turned himself in Tuesday and was arraigned in Perrysburg Municipal Court Wednesday morning, with his bond set at $545,000. Raul Moya was arraigned late Wednesday afternoon and his bond was set at $75,000.