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Cool High Pressure is our weather-maker for the remainder of the work week, delivering tons of sunshine, low humidity and unseasonably cool temps.

Enjoy the comfort as we get warm, humid and, at times, stormy over the upcoming weekend.

We'll kick-off Wednesday with tons of morning sunshine. As all of that sunshine heats up the surface layer of air it will warm and rise into the cooler air aloft and we'll start to see clouds on the increase by mid-day. This afternoon those clouds could produce some hit and miss, isolated showers as highs top out a good 10 degrees below normal - in the mid 70's. Indeed!


Extended weather forecast

Thursday and Friday the Comfort Index will be just about off the charts for this time of year. Skies will be mostly sunny and with humidity remaining low our highs will remain in the 70's for afternoon highs.

We turn more seasonable over the weekend as heat and humidty stream in from the south. Highs will be in the steamy mid-80's and with partly sunny skies we will likely see scattered showers and thunderstorms develop during the afternoon and evenings. The weekend will not be a washout with Saturday offering better chances of dancing around the storms.

A powerful cold front will rumble through the region Monday. We'll have to keep an eye out for the possibility of strong and severe storms Monday as it draws closer because whenever you have a huge clash of temps we ramp up chances for violent weather. This cold front will be a BIG difference maker! Remember the weather during the Marathon Classic last year? I do. I remember wilting in the heat. I remember being amazed that our Hole In One Gal, Lexi Thompson, could stand out in that heat and humidity (mid-90's w/ H.I.'s near 100) for 4 hours practicing 6 foot putts! As the best female golfers on the planet come to Highland Meadows this year they may have to throw on some layers as what some mets are calling a "Summer Vortex" moves into the Great Lakes Region... some models are outputting lows in the 40's and highs in the 60's by Wednesday. Stay tuned...

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Enjoy the refreshing days ahead and to come!