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TOLEDO - The unusual weather pattern that delivered the 3rd coolest July on record to the region marches on as another in a series of Canadian high pressure systems dominates our weather window for days. Yes, more sunshine and pleasant, refreshing days lie ahead.

Another day of sunshine and comfort is in store as skies will be mostly sunny Thursday and with low relative humidity afternoon highs will be slightly below normal once again - in the lower 80's. If we see any kind of a breeze it will be out of the northeast and very light.


Extended weather forecast

No changes are in store to kick-off the weekend Friday. We'll see another chilly start Friday morning with most of us visiting the mid and upper 50's at daybreak. Not a lot to say about Friday as it will pretty much be a carbon copy of what we'll see Thursday. We'll see mostly sunny skies and with low humidity afternoon highs will be very comfortable and in the lower 80's once again. Our evenings will be terrific for grilling out.

Over the weekend I'm picking Saturday for the best of the weekend as I like it cooler and less humid. Both days will offer partly cloudy skies and fantastic conditions to be doing anything outside. On Saturday we'll again see highs in the lower 80's with a hint of humidity returning. If you are a hoping for things to get a little warmer and more humid Sunday will be your favorite. The partly cloudy skies of Sunday morning could actually become a little hazy during the afternoon as we'll see humid highs in the mid 80's.

After a very dry July, we were 2.4" below normal for rainfall and have a deficit of more than 2.5" for the summer season, we need some widespread soaking rains. Unfortunately our next rainmaker doesn't arrive until late in the day Monday and looks like it will only deliver scattered showers and isolated storms which will linger into the day Tuesday.

It looks like the unusual "winter-like" pattern will stick with us into the middle of August... no Heat Waves are in sight? Enjoy the comfort while you can. If we don't see an upper level pattern change by October... well - I'm sure you can imagine. I'm not saying it!

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