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      UT opens virtual training hospital on health campus

      TOLEDO - The University of Toledo's Health Science Campus has an entire building dedicated to give students a hands-on, virtual learning experience.Officials marked the opening on Tuesday of the interprofessional immersive simulation center. It's a three-story, 65,000 square-foot facility that will help aspiring health care professionals learn how to care for patients.Users can practice skills and procedures in a virtual hospital equipped with human patient simulators. The center also offers 3D, virtual immersive environments for medical students.The second floor includes simulated intensive care unit, pediatric, and ambulatory rooms. The third floor features several rooms used to improve surgical skills.The resources are open to all colleges on the UT campus."All of this amazing technology is not limited to studying medicine; modeling, and simulation are used extensively in other industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing and aviation," Dr. Pamela Boyers, the executive director of the facility.Students can view HD images of human body from cells to organs or work on an oil rig.