UT stabbing death, names released

The persons involved in the stabbing that resulted in the death of one University of Toledo student have been named.

20-year-old Senior Josiah Galat was found dead behind International Hall shortly after the 911 call came in of apparent stab wounds.

19-year-old Sophmore Erik Littleton was found in front of the building with mutiple stab wounds. He was taken to an area hospital and treated.

News of the incident, which was delivered via email, shocked students.

"You always hear about it in the news, but you never thinks it's going to happen here. And especially being so close to Christmas," says Junior Caroline Berger.

Campus officials say this was an isolated incident, and there is no cause to worry.

"The campus is safe. We have strong evidence that leads us to believe that this was a dispute between two individuals. And there are no other individuals involved in the assault," says UT Police Chief Jeff Newton.

The two men were among six students tranferred to the I-house during the holiday break. Police say they had a friendly relationship before this incident occurred.

"Their primary residence hall is closed during the break. They moved to International Hall. It's the only residence that's open right now and they did choose to be roommates during this break period," says Newton.

Police say they are reviewing all evidence in this case, including possible video surviellance, but that they presently have no plans of filing any charges.