UT students air dirty laundry on Facebook Confessions page

One of the most popular Facebook groups among UT students is a page called "University of Toledo Confessions".

According to Kenneth Brown, a recent graduate of the University who hosted a weekly on campus radio show, the enterprise had humble beginnings.

"It started out as a Twitter account and it gained a lot of popularity and was made into a Facebook group by a random student and it got a lot bigger than it was anticipated," Kenneth said.

UT Junior Luke Kwiatkowski, who graduated from Start High School, found about the existence of the group from his roommate.

"Actually my roommate Nathan told me about it because someone had posted something about me that said Luke Kwiatkowski was the most attractive guy I ever met and that he had a beautiful smile," Luke said.

But his efforts to identify his secret admirer were in vain.

"I commented on the post asking who wrote this but they did not confess," he said.

University administration does not object to the page. In an e-mail to WNWO, UT Media Relations Specialist Meghan Cunningham wrote that the logo used on the fanpage is one that has been out of date for nearly twenty years. The page has a disclaimer which states: "This site is not operated by, sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with The University of Toledo."