UT students return from mission trip to Haiti

A group of 20 students at the University of Toledo spent their spring break in a city that enjoys warmth and abundant sunshine year round. If you are guessing some city in Florida, guess again. The students spent the first week of March doing mission work in Les-Cayes, a city in the western part of Haiti. Daniel Andrews is from Lima, Ohio. "It was amazing, when we first got there all of the kids just come running up to you and they just hang onto you; there were a few kids that I got really close to and I wanted to bring them back home with me," Daniel said.

Rachel Jagodzinski, a junior from Delta, Ohio studying Special Education, was shocked at the level of poverty. "The trash on the streets, the naked children on the streets, and the kids begging for food at every moment, that was hard for me," Rachel said.

Jonavon Farris, a sophomore from Columbus studying Business Marketing and Philosophy, says the rest of the world must do more to help the impoverished nation. "I wish any country could help Haiti, they need help and somebody has to help them because they cannot do it themselves," Jonavon said.

In the month leading up to the trip the students held several fundraisers and were able to raise enough money to pay for clean drinking water for the residents of the village in which they volunteered.