UT to grant illegal immigrants in-state tuition

As students at the University of Toledo prepare for classes, some new faces will be joining them this fall. The university announced that it will begin charging in-state tuition to immigrants with temporary legal status granted by the federal deferred action for childhood arrivals program. Like most students, to get in-state tuition applicants must be able to prove Ohio residency, University President Lloyd Jacobs says, every person deserves a chance a bright future, American citizens, or not; he told us â??wasting human talent would be a mistake to my mindâ??.

But not everyone is a fan of the new policy some members of the Ohio legislature say this move could cost taxpayers big. In a statement to WNWO Ohio state representative Matt Lynch told us "the decision by the board of regents will wind up costing the state of Ohio tens of millions of dollars. I am shocked that the state of Ohio would be willing to twist state law to accommodate those who are not in this country with lawful status, and i will work diligently to see this decision overturned".

Jacobs says his critics may be over exaggerating and that he doesnâ??t expect the number of students that would take advantage of the new offering to be very large at all and students we talked to today seemed to agree, some even asking, whatâ??s the big deal? Student Ellie McMahon told us â??everybody should have a fair chance at an educationâ??. A group of students told us they hope the university wonâ??t back down; sticking to their motto â??Molder of the futureâ??.