Vacant house re-boarded up; trash not collected

For weeks, residents in the 400 block of East Park Street in central Toledo have complained about the handful of vacant houses on the block. 421 E. Park was the focus of the complaints. The boards had been removed from the windows on the side of the house and dozens of empty beer bottles and other trash lay on the porch, having accumulated there over a period of months. Residents told WNWO that the house was being used for illicit purposes. The four immediate houses to the left of 421 E. Park had overgrown weeds. On Friday, August 2 crews with the city of Toledo mowed the grass and trimmed the hedges of the vacant homes on the street but did not remove the trash at 421 E. Park.

Sometime between August 5 and August 13 crews returned to the street and put new boards on the vacant houses whose boards had been removed. But the accumulated trash still had not been removed. WNWO brought this to the attention of Toledo City Council President Paula Hicks-Hudson; East Park Street is in her district. "I called Neighborhood Beautification and asked them to see about getting those cleaned up and so we are sending a referral and they are going to go back out there," President Hicks-Hudson said.