Valentine's Day: a day for cheaters?

<font size="3" face="Calibri">It's why private investigators like Phillip Blossom and the Investigative Services Group, are cashing in on the day of love.</font>

Valentines day usually means big money for flower and candy shops, but it's also one of the most popular days for catching cheaters.

why private investigators such as Phillip Blossom and the Investigative Services Group, are cashing in on the day of love.

"People tend to have to squeeze in their 'significant others' this time of year, and a lot of times people get suspicious. So whether it's two days before, or a day or two after, thereâ??s a ten-day window where we're pretty busy," said Blossom.

At his downtown headquarters, Blossom has a whole slew of cheater catching toys, everything from motion sensing cameras, to tracking devices, even a miniature recording unit hidden in the face of his watch.

"If theyâ??re cheating we usually catch them, but if they're slick or a professional cheater, their game is going to be a little bit better. Theyâ??re going to be able to come up with better excuses," Blossom said. "If I follow you from the bar to the hotel over to her house, thatâ??s going to be a bit harder for you to explain away."

Blossom says catching cheaters is the easy part, but delivering the news to the suspecting spouse is heart-breaking.

very devastating to a lot of people, and you just hope that they handle it and move forward and get counseling, whatever they may need to move forward but its terrible," Blossom said.

Blossom told WNWO there

are some red flags when someone is usually cheating. Things like being over protective of phone or email accounts, a sudden shift in routine or strange hours at home or work. He says if you notice any of these things it might be worth doing a little digging.