Verizon closing Maumee call center

It TMs bad news for 235 people who work at Maumee's Verizon Wireless call center.

They just received notice the place will be closing down, but unlike a lot of these types of stories lately, this has nothing to do with the economy and it doesn't necessarily mean 235 people will be out of work.

It had to do with consolidating our resources in a way that made sense from a business perspective. Now our priority is to do what we can to assist our employees find other positions, said Laura Merritt, Verizon wireless Manager of Public Relations.

The company says it wants to keep as many of the workers as possible, whether that's moving them to a retail store or another call center, albeit the next closest ones are in Southfield Michigan and Dublin Ohio.

We have a lot of parties out there including the building owners and the realtors and the other economic development people that are out there in the area that are all going to be looking to fill that space, said John Jezak, Maumee City Administrator.

Jezak is not only concerned about the jobs, but also about filling the soon to be vacant office space.

It just means it's another building we have to fill and bring in some other type of firm, said Jezak.

The good news is the building owner has until April to find another tenant.

That's when Verizon will be locking its doors.

So about four months from now, Verizon hopes to have accommodated at least most of the 235 call center workers into other positions and drivers going past the place on Dussel road won TMt have to look over at just another empty building.