Veteran brothers honor alma mater with flag presentation

David Whitehead presents the flag that flew over bases in Kabul and Kandahar to Springfield High School Principal Steve Gwin.

Alongside the 90,000 plus troops fighting in Afghanistan, two were brothers from the Toledo area. Recently they returned home, bearing more than just tales of war.

First Lieutenant David Whitehead returned to his alma mater Springfield High School on Wednesday, to present the school with a flag that flew over both he and his brotherâ??s camps while deployed. David received the flag from his mother in February, 2012.

Sonya Whitehead remembered, â??I called one of the board members to ask about the size of the flag and he ended up presenting me with an extra flag they had here at the school, and I sent it over and they flew it over the two places.â??

David first flew the flag with the National Guard in Kabul. He later gave it to his brother, Army Captain John Whitehead, in Kandahar.

Both David and John returned home by October, 2012. Although John is currently stationed in Washington, David shared his experiences on Wednesday with the Junior ROTC students in a ceremony at Springfield High School. David also presented the flag to Principal Steve Gwin.

â??It makes me feel ecstatic that my brother and I were able to give this back to the community and the school,â?? said David Whitehead.

Members of the Junior ROTC Color Guard helped David raise the flag outside the school following the ceremony, where it will fly for 24 hours. It will later be displayed inside the school, joining the trophies that David and John won as members of the Drill Team.