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      Veterans raise Old Glory in Point Place

      Dozens in the Point Place community celebrated Veteranâ??s Day by raising the American Flag at a ceremony in Cullen Park.

      Veterans helped raise Old Glory as the crowd recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Many were touched by the service.

      â??I came down here and got all choked up, and Iâ??m still at a loss for words,â?? said WWII Veteran Ray Emlong. Fellow WWII Veteran Larry Voltz added, â??It sure is great to see everybody.â??

      Michael Kuhar, a U.S. Marine Corps. Veteran, called it â??A choking experienceâ?? to be recognized for service.

      After the flag-raising, a trumpeter played the military composition, â??Taps.â?? The piece moved some to tears.

      Emlong said, â??If you can get through taps without crying, itâ??s a good day.â??

      The community also paid tribute to Howard Pinkley, a beloved activist for Veteran Affairs who was often called the â??unofficial mayorâ?? of Point Place. Pinkley passed away in September at the age of 85, and ceremony organizers honored his influence.

      â??Weâ??re going to continue on with all his great programs,â?? said Tom Stagner. He continued, â??This is why weâ??re having this dedication today.â??

      As Old Glory flies, Point Place pays tribute to veterans and those who have courageously served to protect our freedom in the United States of America.