Veterinarian clinic aims to help keep families and pets together


TOLEDO, OHIO (WNWO) - A unique veterinarian service in Toledo is all about keeping families together. Community Pet Care Clinic is a full-service clinic located on South Detroit Avenue. The name says a lot about what's offered.

The goal here is to help remove financial barriers for those in need helping pets get the care they deserve.

"We start with an affordable fee schedule," explained Dr. Boyd Harrell, a veterinarian and partner. "And then we work with the owner to find a treatment plan that works for them. We always offer what is best and then see if that's acceptable to the owner and affordable to the owner. And, if not, well see if there's some other alternative."

Another alternative is the "Keeping Pets and People Together Fund". For every full-price service the clinic performs a portion of the profit goes into the fund. So everyone who visits has a hand in helping keep families and pets together.

"Pets are truely a gift and sometimes emergencies happen and things happen and life gets complicated," mentioned Christie Myers, a registered veterinarian technician at the clinic. "And we want everyone to be able to afford to take care of their pets to keep the families together, so then everybody can be happy."

People can also donate online. The clinic's is offering specials next month. You can get microchips for $10, $10 off of vaccines, and 20% off dental services.

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