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      Victims of Lake Erie boating accident remembered in vigil

      It's been more than a week since four boaters went missing on Lake Erie.

      The bodies of two victims have been recovered, but there's been no sign of the other two boaters. Friday night a prayer vigil was held for the boaters.

      As the sun set on Lake Erie, family, friends and strangers packed the beach at Turtle Point Marina to remember the lives of Amy Santus, Paige Widmer and two men still missing, Bryan Huff and Andy Rose.

      "I wanted to show their families how many lives these people have touched. They weren't just two fisherman that didn't come home, they were friends," said Paul Lis, vigil organizer.

      The vigil started with a prayer, followed by remarks from family members. Some friends honored the lives of the boaters with a blow on their duck whistles; others lit lanterns that brightened the evening sky.

      While friends and family still wait for missing boaters Bryan and Andy to be found, some people realize how fragile life is, "I'm at a certain age where you appreciate life," says Steve Reamey, friend of missing boater Andy Rose.

      The Ohio Department of Natural Resources searched about 900 square miles of Lake Erie looking for the boaters.