VIDEO: City crews unable to fix new sinkhole alone

The new sinkhole is 10 feet wide and extends from curb to curb.

A city spokesperson says that a new West Toledo sinkhole "is too deep for City crews to repair".

The crater, at the intersection of Fernwood near Detroit. was discovered Sunday night and is about ten feet wide.

A contractor, who has not been named, is expected to begin work on the sinkhole Tuesday.

Officials estimate it will take between one and two days to complete the work.

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In July, a large sinkhole swallowed a car near the intersection of Bancroft and Detroit.

The cost to repair that area was around $100,000.

As of Monday evening, it was unclear how much it would cost to repair the newest sinkhole.

However, City of Toledo spokesperson Lisa Ward said the money "won't come out of the General Fund."

Drivers are being asked to avoid the area since that portion of the roadway is already closed to traffic.