VIDEO: Help Friday the 13th fire victim who lost everything

Robert Castor, 51, lost everything but his spirit in a fire that took out Colony Apartment complex.

Residents of Colony Apartments watched their homes and possessions burn in a massive fire early on the morning of Friday the 13th. During the chaos, one man, 51-year-old Robert Castor, suffered carbon monoxide poisoning and barely escaped the blaze.

Castor was saved at the Toledo Hospital, but he has no immediate family, no insurance, no place to live and is in need of life-sustaining medicine.

"For the firemen getting me out... thank God they were there," he said. "Everything happened so fast, I didn't have time to be afraid."

In light of the tragedy, 100.7 and the Andrew Z in the Morning Show crew are spearheading a fundraiser for clothes, furniture and funds to help Castor get back on his feet. Anyone can contribute online to an account set up at Fifth Third Banks and Americare located at 1140 S. Byrne Rd.

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. View raw video of Castor's interview with Andrew Z below: