Video: Masked gunman robs gas station with sock-covered 'gun' & chemical-filled spray bottle

A clerk tries to fight back as a masked gunman tried to rob a Tiffin gas station.

Tiffin Police are searching for a gunman who, hiding his identity with a ski mask, robbed a gas station clerk using a sock-covered "gun" and a spray bottle filled with an unknown chemical.

The crime was caught on camera and took place, just after 1 am on Wednesday, at the Hi-Miler Gas Station on South Sandusky Street in Tiffin.

The gas station's surveillance video shows the suspect entering the store with the "weapon" and some type of squirt bottle.

Investgators say the suspect pointed the "weapon", wrapped in a sock, at the gas station clerk and demanded money.

The suspect also used a spray bottle to squirt something onto the clerk's face and eyes, the victim claimed caused a burning sensation on his skin.

Officials say, "at this time there is no apparent long lasting skin or eye problem" caused by the chemical, but they still do not know what the suspect had in the spray bottle.

The gas station's entire register was stolen by the suspect along with an undisclosed amount of cash inside.

The gunman is described as a white male, approximately 5â??08â?? and weighs between 160-180 lbs.

He was last seen wearing a black sweatshirt with a logo, gloves and a ski mask that also had a logo on the back. .

Tiffin Police hope someone will be able to identify the suspect using the logos on his apparel.

If anyone has information of the identity of the robber, or the crime, you're asked to call the Tiffin Police Department 419-447-2323.