VIDEO: Puppy rescued from Detroit drain pipe

This puppy was stuck in a pipe for 12 hours before rescuers could reach him.

After half a day of digging and praying, the Michigan Humane Society pulled a distressed, four-week-old puppy from a drain pipe in Detroit.

MHS spokesman Kevin Hatman told the Detroit News that the owner called them at 8 a.m. and said the Puggle-Daschund mix puppy had crawled into the pipe the night before and was stuck.

"It was crying, and I was crying all night, I felt so bad," the unidentified owner told WXYZ News.

Workers removed parts of the pipe and dug 16 feet into the ground to free the little guy.

MHS workers reunited the newborn with its mother to rehydrate after the traumatic event. Hatman says the pup should be just fine.

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