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      VIDEO snapped bungee cord sends tourist plunging into a river

      A n Australian woman will probably think twice before bungee jumping after an accident that could've killed her.

      22-year-old Erin Langworthy's cord snapped after she jumped off the Victoria Falls Bridge in Zimbabwe on New Year's Eve.

      Video of the accident was posted on YouTube.

      I t's a popular jump over the Zimbabwe and Zambia border.

      E rin was 364-feet above the water when she jumped, and she plunged about 65-feet into the rapids.

      E rin said everything went black, and she felt like her body had been slapped.

      T he bungee cord got stuck in rocks, and she had to swim down to free herself as she made her way to the river bank.

      "It went black straight away, and I felt like I've been slapped all over. I actually had to swim down and yank the bungee cord out of whatever it was caught into" said Erin Langworthy.

      E rin was treated at a clinic in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe then flown to a hospital in South Africa.

      V ictoria Falls Bungee issued a statement saying the accident was under investigation.

      Have you ever bungee jumped? Does this accident and video make you not want to try it? Post your comments below.