VIDEO: Zooâ??s new baby monkey is an orange ball of cute

The newborn Francois' langur cuddles up with her mother, Ashes, at the Toledo Zoo.

Toledo Zoo visitors will finally get the chance to see the newborn Francois' langur monkey at the zoo's Primate Forest.

The baby girl was born on Aug. 10 to father Dong Puong and mother Ashes, who is "providing excellent maternal care," the zoo reports. Other langurs on exhibit include the baby's big brother, Deshi, who was born in 2010.

According to the zoo, a Francois' langur has a long, black, silky coat with a white band of cheek fur and a pointed crest of hair on top of its head. A Francoisâ?? langur baby, however, is predominantly orange. Biologists believe the orange color helps the baby blend in with foliage in the tree canopies of its native habitat in Vietnam, southeast China and central Laos.

The Toledo Zoo is one of fewer than 20 institutions in the U.S. to exhibit and breed Francois' langurs.