Vietnam Vets concerned about Iraq conflict

The recent events in Iraq have prompted some to question whether the U.S. invasion and occupation accomplished anything.

NBC 24 decided to ask veterans of another controversial warâ??the Vietnam Warâ??what they thought. Vietnam veterans gathered in Defiance with the traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall, a half-size replica of the memorial in Washington, D.C.

Rick Booher is a Vietnam veteran who doesnâ??t want U.S. soldiers to suffer any more than they have to.

â??What theyâ??re doing to these young veteransâ?¦Five, six, seven tours,â?? Booher said. â??Theyâ??re going to be so PTSDâ??d, theyâ??re going to be dangerous.â??

Will Wagner served in the Air Force during Vietnam. He says the United States needs a clear-cut plan in Iraq.

â??I believe when thereâ??s a country in trouble, we need to help,â?? Wagner said. â??But I also think that country needs to stand up and help themselves.â??

Both Booher and Wagners are part of the committee that worked to bring the memorial to Defiance. Booher is President of the Vietnam Veterans of America Defiance chapter.